About the POP Program

The POP program was established in 2009 and has servised over 380 kids in the Metro Atlanta area, Ashville NC and in Newport News VA. The 12 week program has an established curriculum that not only teaches anger management, but life skills that focus on peer pressure and other problems that hinder our youth. The POP Program was featured in a short documentary by Black Men’s Dossier and¬†has now¬†decided to pursue getting a whole documentary completed. The documentary will feature several youth stories and how the program has affected their lives.

We are looking for donations to help fund the POP program to go into selected communities that does not have the funds for 12 weeks to teach the kids how to POP. Also the donations will help pay for the film crew and other necessary materials to help with this mission. PLEASE TAKE A STAND, make a donation to help our youth and stop talking about how disappointed you are and do something about it. IT’S TIME TO HELP OUR YOUTH!